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Every Pet Deserves To Feel Their Best

Whether your dog or dogs needs general grooming, trimming, or a complete makeover, our passionate Team at Prime Mobile is here to help. In addition to baths and trims, we provide nail care, de-shedding treatments, oatmeal spa treatments, and specialty whitening shampoos.

Dog Grooming pricing is based on breed, size, condition of coat, and service requested.  - to care for your dog grooming needs! We serve the areas of Greenbrae, Larkspur, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Kentfield, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Belvedere and Tiburon. 

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We measure your dog's size from chest to tail and classify them as follows: Small Size Dog up to 12 inches, Medium Size Dog 12 to 16 inches, Large Size Dog 16 to 20 inches, X-Large Dog Size 20 to 32 inches, and XX-Large 32 inches and up.

Doodles & Poodles Subject to Extra Charge

Senior and special needs dogs may need special care for an additional $25.

Prime Spa Bath/Dog

All natural, Biodegradable, Ultra Wash Shampoo with Hydro Bathing System, Conditioning, Brushing out, Hand Dry/Blow Dry, Ear Cleaning, and Nail Clipping.

Prime Bath & TIDY/Dog

Includes Full Bath Services with the addition of a Trim for face, paws, sanitary areas and Berry Facial - A special tearless cleanser is gently massaged into facial hair - dogs go crazy for it! 

Prime Full Groom With Bath / Dog

Includes Full Bath Services with a body haircut and styling according to the breed or to your request. Plus Bandanna or Tie to make your dog special.


This treatment can take up to 3 0h0ours depending on the pet's conditions. Specific skunk off treatment products will be used to ensure odor is up to 80% removed. 


DISCLAMER: We do not take responsibility for removing skunk smell from a pet's face for safety reasons.

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing & oral hygiene treatments (Disposable Toothbrush) $10

Oatmeal bath for dry, sensitive skin $10

Thermo Active Deep Conditioner - Contains actives that moisturize the coat, leaving it soft and shiny (with collagen, argan, coconut and sesame oils) $15

Pet dog Tie - Mix colors $7

Bandana Cotton - Mix colors - $7

De-Shed  treatment - $15 ( Special shampoo + blowout of loose & excess coat ) Releases and removes the undercoat and excessive shedding. Products are Aloe Vera based and is designed to control shedding of the coat up to 90%. Fee varies by size and breed of dog.


RUFF BEHAVIOR – (+$5-$30)


For exceptionally difficult pets, please contact us ahead of time, so that we are prepared for the appointment. Depending on the scenario, additional help may be required and extra time involved to ensure your pet's comfort. Please let me know if your dog is sensitive about particular areas or if they tend to nip, and we will take necessary precautions..


If your pet arrives with matted hair that will take more than usual time needed to safely brush out, after 15 minutes a $20 surcharge plus $1 per minute will be added. I will ask you if you want me to continue, or to just shave down. **Severe Matting can be resolved to an extent. Some matted coats are simply too bad to continue, and for the safety of your dog, please understand at this point, it can be painful and cruel to try to take the mats out. This may result in shaving the dog down so he/she is comfortable and healthy again. I will always-talk to you and get permission before I shave down. I will set aside extra time to work on certain matted hair types, but for the most part, prevention is key: Regular brushing at home until their next groom prevents severe matting. You are of course, always welcome to come in-between grooms for a “Cooper Charles Bath & Touch-up”, or even a “Dolly Jolene Full Bath”; Both of these packages will also help prevent severe matting until it comes time again for your dog’s next Full-Groom.


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